Takuma Sato Indy 500 Charity Helmet Design Contest Winner!

April 27, 2012

Thank you to everyone who submitted their creative designs for the Indy 500 Charity Helmet Contest.

We are very excited to announce the winner, Mrs Ritsuko Matsumoto and Miss Maiko Matsumoto, a mother and daughter. They worked together to design this eye-catching and creative design, which was selected from more than 60 applicants.


The winning design will be painted on Takuma's helmet that he will wear on May 27, the race day of the 96th Indianapolis 500.

After the race, the helmet will be exhibited for fans and be auctioned off at the end of this year in order to help raise proceeds for the "With you Japan" program.

Design Concept Shared by Winners, Ritsuko and Maiko.

"We, as a mother and daughter, worked together to create the design. Our design concept is to express our hope that the devastated area in Japan will recover, like 'With you Japan' wishes. We designed a huge and matured cherry blossom tree, a Japanese national tree/flower, overcoming big Tsunami waves and producing beautiful blossoms despite the difficulties. We hope it expresses our wish of revival. We designed twinkling stars of hope on top of the helmet as it is our wish that Takuma will race to win as he a symbol of Japanese hope."

Winners comment

"Thank you very much for choosing our design. We are so thrilled that our message of hope in our design was recognized and to be given a chance to contribute to 'With you Japan' charity activities. We, as Takuma's fans, are very much honored to see he will race at the Indy 500, which is one of the three most famous motor races in the world and that he will be wearing our designed helmet to protect him. We will continue to support Takuma in the future."

Comments from Takuma Sato:

"Thank you very much for your participation in the design contest for the 'With you Japan' Charity Helmet.

We have received many creative, marvelous and sophisticated designs. All were heart-warming and showed the designer's strong will and message. All were so beautiful and it was really hard work to select the one!

Among all the designs, I was very impressed by the collaboration design created by Ritsuko and Maiko because of its clear concept and bold message.

A large cherry blossom tree stands out strongly and overcoming big waves, which represents fear of nature with its devastating power. The tree produces a lot of flowers and petals representing kindness and sympathy. Arranging twinkling stars towards the top (and in my favorite blue color sky) is like a grandeur story of revival from the devastating disaster. I love it.

By seeing Cherry blossoms producing flowers even though stuck by seawater, I felt a strong hope for the future.

I was very touched and impressed by all the designs we received, which shows great kindness and support. Thank you again for your participation.

I will wear this winning design helmet and race with all my strength to the ultimate goal."


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