'With you Japan' Received JPY 465,764 Donation Along with a Heartfelt Message from TAKU-STYLE

September 21, 2011

'With you Japan' would like to thank everyone involved at TAKU-STYLE, Takuma Sato's fan site, for organizing their own fund-raising event by creating and selling their original 'With you Japan' charity T-shirts and raising JPY 465,764. We are very grateful and appreciative for their amazing support and will carefully use the proceeds raised to help affected children.


We at TAKU-STYLE, a website dedicated to Takuma Sato fans, were asked, "Is there anything we can do to help as fans?" by many concerned individuals immediately after Takuma established his "With you Japan" charity program.

In order to address their concerns, we decided to organize a fund-raising event where all proceeds raised would be donated to Takuma's "With you Japan" program. The original T-shirts we created specifically for this event and sold for a limited-time.

We were able to make a donation with the support of many Takuma fans. It may not be a significant amount, but hope it shows and signifies each Takuma fan's heartfelt support.

The children affected by the tragedy will continue to need assistance and we, Takuma fans, hope to do everything we can in the future to help them with Takuma.



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