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With you Japan
Mission Statement

The “With you Japan” program was created by Takuma Sato, who quickly recognized the tremendous amount of ongoing support that so many of the children in Japan will likely need for months and years to come.

These young, innocent survivors will need our tremendous support as they try to cope with losing members of their family, friends, teachers and even their homes. For some of them, their lives were forever tragically changed right before their eyes.

All proceeds raised through this program will be provided to ‘Children Mending Hearts’ who will direct these to help empower local child-care professionals in Japan to provide responsive and proactive care to thousands of these children as they try to move forward with their lives.

"Children in Japan need our help to recover from all the trauma they recently experienced from the devastating earthquakes and tsunami. Please help support, With you Japan"

Takuma Sato, Formula 1 and current IZOD IndyCar Series Driver

Video: Message from Takuma Sato


With you Japan Charity

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